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Jefferson Ridge

Jefferson Ridge


Happy Friday! I hope you’re celebrating the end of the week and this gorgeous weather with your favorite beverage. I won’t be getting out to any trails this weekend but I wanted to share this hike with you in case you happen to be wondering where to go tomorrow. Jefferson Ridge is an easy hike that isn’t over crowded and offers great views. This hike is on the Olympic Peninsula in the same area as Lena Lake and not too far if you are coming from the Tacoma area. I went out with my favorite four legged friend and we had a great time taking in all the sights and smells.


Jefferson Ridge trailhead sign


Getting to the trail wasn’t too difficult but I was glad that I wasn’t in a car that sits very low to the ground because there were a few potholes. However, it is doable in a smaller car, there was a Ford Focus in the parking area when I arrived.  We got up to the trailhead at about 10:30 am on a Sunday and there was one other car there. I mentioned a parking area but it is really more of a wide section of the road that can accommodate about 5 cars near the trailhead. There may be more areas like that a little bit further up the road but I’m not positive. There is no permit required for this hike. The trailhead sign is pretty small and easy to miss so keep your eyes peeled!



The hardest part of this hike was shoving myself and a fat dog through these fallen trees that are pretty much at the start of the hike. I was thankful there wasn’t anyone around to witness this. My short legs don’t make it easy to get over these types of road blocks (the trees are bigger than they appear and the opening is smaller). Once we made it through there it was smooth sailing to the ridgeline. We only stopped once for Rusty to smell all the smells and pee on everything (multiply that x 210).


If you look close there is water behind those trees

Mt. Rainier!

Once we got up to the top Rusty found himself a nice shaded spot to rest and I ate my lunch basking in the afternoon sun and gazing a Mt. Rainier. There wasn’t anyone else up there which was nice. We actually didn’t see anyone until our way down when we passed a single gal and a couple with two boys. The views at the end of this hike are definitely worth the little bit of effort needed to get to them. Add this one to your list!

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