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Why Young Living?

Why Young Living?

I’m often asked why I use Young Living essential oils over oils that are found in your local grocery store or on Amazon. The truth is that I used to use store bought essential oils (the horror!) I would typically buy them from Whole Foods when I was there doing other shopping and I bought those oils because I wasn’t that informed about essential oils or health and beauty/cleaning products and the toxins that can be in them.

I started using store bought oils about 5 years ago. At the time I was traveling 6 days a week all over the US and Canada, typically in a different city every single day. It was an incredible opportunity and I really enjoyed the job but the travel was pretty hard on my personal life. I was eating out for every meal, it was hard to make exercise a priority with my crazy schedule but what I struggled with the most was sleep. I was constantly switching time zones and sleeping in a different hotel every night. I needed to find some consistency. Essential oils were suggested to me by someone that I traveled with. I bought a few oils that were commonly used for sleep (according to Pinterest), a diffuser and traveled with them in my suitcase for the next year and a half.

A couple years after I started using store bought oils my mom was diagnosed with Lupus and that made me take a good hard look at the products I was using everyday. I downloaded the Think Dirty app and realized that I needed to get rid of pretty much everything I had been using in my daily skin care routine (see ya never Lush bath bombs). I wasn’t using oils topically at this point so it took me a little bit longer to realize that even inhaling fragrance and synthetic fillers wasn’t good for me. I also wanted to give myself time to do some research to find the right essential oils for me. Switching and ditching is not always easy. I can’t tell you how many natural deodorants I’ve tried and hated.

I’ve chosen to use Young Living oils for the same reason that I eat whole foods (fruits and vegetables – not the store), buy organic food and purchase from the farmers market when possible – because I care about what is going into my body. I thought I was doing my body a favor by just using essential oils. What I didn’t realize is that not all oils are created equal. While it is possible that some of the oils from the grocery store might have a small amount of pure oil in them, it is very likely that they are also full of fragrance and synthetic fillers. Those are two things I’m trying to avoid. Our skin is our biggest organ and it absorbs everything we put on it. Young Living’s Seed to Seal commitment to quality is the reason I’m comfortable using their essential oils everyday. Now my nightly routine includes using a blend of oils topically through a roller, diffusing them in my room, and using a sheet spray. I have never slept better as an adult. Not only am I confident in the product, I have access to a huge community that is amazing. It is my favorite place to find new roller ball recipes, diffuser blends and ask questions about essential oils. My only regret is not starting sooner! I could have really used these resources and oils while I was traveling.



I would love to be a part of your oil journey. Do you have a partner that snores? Do you want safe non toxic products for yourself and little ones? Could you use sleep support? I can help with all of that and would love to talk to you.

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